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using love2d and #lua to prototype the colour transitions I want in my christmas neopixel string, because shorter feedback cycles than uploading to an arduino every time I make a change. I think I may have a bit more floating point in this program than the target hw is going to like, though

Also: 128 byte limit on mqtt packet size? That's not a lot of bits for 144 rgb leds

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Elite Dangerous (including the Horizons DLC which is pretty core to the current galaxy) is FREE from the Epic Games store for the next week ...


The game is completely free-to-play once you have it - there is no mechanism for players to pay money and get better resources, only cosmetics. This means that if you end up competing with other players (which isn't necessary anyway, and you can exclude this by settings) you are on an equal footing with only time/skills invested.

Elite Dangerous is a beautiful and immense, absorbing game. It's almost a "space simulator" with a 1:1 model of our galaxy and for the populated regions a well-balanced economic model.

Seriously, to search for screenshots and videos. If you don't already have a copy of this game, get one while its free!!

#elite #elitedangerous

✓added doors to daughter's ikea wardrobe (only ... 2 years? ... after putting it together) ✓ removed nfs exports on home server ✓ switched kodi box from nfs to sftp, added ssh key for it on home server ✓ retagged most of my digital music collection (beets ftw) ? stopped home server from going to sleep 20 minutes after I log out on the console (https://discourse.nixos.org/t/stop-pc-from-sleep/5757 - tried this but waiting for 20 minutes to elapse)

Since we now have a Google phones-Home in the house, I'm clamping down on any service on the lan that's not authenticated/encrypted

Stop PC from sleep

I have a nixos box that I am using as an HTPC. It works well except I can’t...

NixOS Discourse

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Don't know if the difference will be visible by the time the image has been around the fediverse, but: on the right, my regular emacs; on the left, pure gtk3 (thus, wayland) emacs built from https://github.com/masm11/emacs/

Will be quite excited if this works, emacs is the only thing I use regularly that looks this awful on a hidpi screen


Mirror of GNU Emacs. Contribute to masm11/emacs development by creating an...


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For the past year I've been doing independent software research, funded by an Open Tech Fund grant. This summer the Trump administration de-funded the OTF, cutting off my income.

I've been living off my savings since then, and while I'm looking for alternative funding sources, applying and getting that money will take time and so in the meantime, if you can, please support my work via GitHub sponsors: https://github.com/sponsors/spacekookie, or Liberapay: https://liberapay.com/spacekookie/.

Thanks! Boosts appreciated.