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‪MNT Reform will be a test case for DIN SPEC 3015 (new open hardware standard) and we will work with Fairtronics to determine component fairness. Also looking into the Grüne Punkt as recycling program for the packaging‬

I had planned to spend 20 minutes this morning looking over my first attempt at writing a haskell program to implement the programming assessment task we use for interviewing candidates at $WORK

(Can tell you now, (a) I probably wouldn't have a job here if I'd attempted the task using Haskell, (b) not only did it take a very long time, it's not very Haskelly code either)

That was at 09:30 and I haven't actually started yet. When I got my laptop out of my locker I realised it's still on nixos 19.03 and I need to upgrade firefox before anything bad happens

Not done a whole lot of nixwrt implementation lately, but the next thing I want to do is make it talk to an actual ISP (PPPoE) and I can't exactly test that without unplugging the real router, which will make many (well, maybe about 4) people quite unhappy.

Or maybe I can, if I set up a stub ISP. Welcome to Nixwrt OnLine: https://github.com/telent/nixwrt/blob/master/nol.nix


Build images for embedded MIPS SoCs using NixPkgs (experimental) - telent/nixwrt


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[1227/215535.119660:ERROR:frame_sink_video_capturer_impl.cc(197)] Invalid resolutions constraints: 0x0 must not be greater than 0x0; and also within media::limits. Last time I checked 0 was not greater than 0, but hey, I realise this stuff is not universal

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Experiencing the same linux mainstream kernel fun with the gl-ar750 as I did with the mt300a last summer - glad I took notes https://ww.telent.net/2019/5/6/nixwrt_next_words

For people who know kernel stuff: (1) to have a hope of seeing the hardware at all, ath9k needs an of_match_table entry with a compatible that matches the dts file; (2) this gets us an error of the form ath9k 18100000.wmac: no platform data specified which probably means I need to teach it how to find the ART MTD partition

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Google play store won't let you purchase an app without having a device attached to the account. So even logging in with a real account on #aurorastore you are unable to actually purchase an app without logging in using the real play store on the actual device... Which is not possible on a device that has no google play services. Does anyone know of a workaround? Maybe have to put my spare phone back to stock and buy the app through that then download through aurora on this device. Ugh.

I'm not saying it works, because it doesn't, but my ath10k wireless at least appears now to exist in #nixwrt. This is progress and it makes me happy





carrier phy80211 phys_switch_id carrier_up_count uevent name_assign_type queues gro_flush_timeout address carrier_changes dev_port device ifindex tx_queue_len duplex statistics wireless type power flags dev_id addr_assign_type phys_port_id addr_len carrier_down_count speed link_mode netdev_group phys_port_name broadcast subsystem iflink operstate dormant ifalias proto_down mtu ```