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Google play store won't let you purchase an app without having a device attached to the account. So even logging in with a real account on #aurorastore you are unable to actually purchase an app without logging in using the real play store on the actual device... Which is not possible on a device that has no google play services. Does anyone know of a workaround? Maybe have to put my spare phone back to stock and buy the app through that then download through aurora on this device. Ugh.

I'm not saying it works, because it doesn't, but my ath10k wireless at least appears now to exist in #nixwrt. This is progress and it makes me happy





carrier phy80211 phys_switch_id carrier_up_count uevent name_assign_type queues gro_flush_timeout address carrier_changes dev_port device ifindex tx_queue_len duplex statistics wireless type power flags dev_id addr_assign_type phys_port_id addr_len carrier_down_count speed link_mode netdev_group phys_port_name broadcast subsystem iflink operstate dormant ifalias proto_down mtu ```

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In northern Ethiopia, at 130 meters below sea level, in the hottest valley in the world, there exists a series of pools that look more alien than anything that should rightly be found on Earth.

This is the dangerously beautiful Dallol Volcano, and hydrothermal system, found in the Danakil depression. The highest point of the volcano reaches -48 meters above sea level. Brine pools and acidic liquid spout from the ground, building up salt and sulfuric pillars as temporary geysers build them. Here, not two but three tectonic plates move away from each other, causing the land to sink deeper and deeper, and bringing up minerals from deep within the Earth. In the next few million years, the Red Sea will eventually fill the depression.

The word Dallol, in the language of the Afar people, means disintegration. The Disintegration Volcano.

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It just took me an hour to discover why my blog server kept hanging every time I tried to fetch the new entry. The image it referenced was not world-readable.

This is terrifically embarrassing. It might be a defence that my blog server has the world's worst error messages in this scenario, but this is still a source of embarrassment because I wrote it myself.

https://ww.telent.net/2019/11/18/got_the_power probably not worth the time spent on it, imo

https://github.com/telent/yablog/ point and laugh


yet another blog engine. Contribute to telent/yablog development by creating...


I had this weird problem with bluetooth audio outputs in gnome-on-nixos where it paired fine but every time I would click "connect" it flicked straight back to "disconnected". Turned out to be due to a deficit of RTFW

``` hardware.pulseaudio = { enable = true; package = pkgs.pulseaudioFull; };


Surprised and pleased to find that I can download the WhatsApp android apk direct from their website to install on my Google-free phone, because neither yalp or raccoon seem to be working right now

(Would be even more pleased if I could avoid WhatsApp altogether, but Network Effects)

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Went to rebuild nixwrt on my usual build machine and it started by compiling readelf. I think this probably means I garbage-collected the #nix store since last time I built it and therefore must build the mips toolchain/world ab initio. This in turn implies it's time to go to bed

(Another data point consistent with the hypothesis: right now it's building gcc)

btw if anyone was wondering "have you actually switched to this account" the answer is "sort of". I check this account more often than mastodon.social, and I try to remember (not always successfully) to boost whatever I write so if appears on both, but I don't have microblog.pub running in what you might call a "production" config yet. Which is to say, it's running in a random docker container and has no backups.

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When Emily and I bought our house, one of the first things we decided we needed to do was to sort out a doorbell. We also had to paint that wall and pull up this carpet and fix that toilet and change these knobs and put down laminate and shine the roof and comb the grass and mop the cats and soothe the books and the million other things that happen when you buy a house, so I decided to buy a wireless doorbell because it was one less job than doing it properly.