No matter how much progress I make towards getting to "daily driver" on my pinephone, the target seems to be receding at the same rate I approach it.

I had not expected that I would be writing a full Linuxphone user interface in Fennel, but hey ho, this seems to be the goal I have set myself

Stop me before I decide that "replacing Sway" is inside scope, I guess

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I wanted my pinephone to have an on-screen indicator of when it was doing filesystem access, so I can see if it's busy or just ignoring me.

I haven't yet found a way to do that (at least, without polling /proc/diskstats, but "polling" and "battery life" are often not good bedfellows), but I have distracted myself into writing a #fennel status bar program a la i3status or waybar so at least when I figure it out I'll have somewhere to display it

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Using a combination of #Fennel, gobject-introspection and webkit-gtk, in a matter of hours I have been able to slap together enough of a web browser to write this message. Modern software development is weird and I don't know what to think.

A minimal web browser

A minimal web browser. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.


critical path for #pinephone as useful (to me - YMMV) mobile device

[X] screen lock to protect from curious child [ ] notifications ui so I know when someone's calling [ ] reinstall with encrypted filesystem

I hacked up swaylock in a bad way

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