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After careful consideration and entirely too long trying to make sense of the xda-developers forum, I have decided to downgrade the firmware on the newer phone and see what difference that makes

For a supposedly open-source system, android hacking inevitably seems to involve installing way more random binaries from dodgy-looking file sharing sites than I am frankly altogether happy about

makes me happy: author of ANTtester replied to my email, his sources are on Github makes me sad: running Simulant+ seems to involve qemu and windows ISOs and getting a windows license key

(I don't know why this machine seems not to have a DSDM ACPI table. It did have a windows 8 sticker on the underside but years of use have worn out any text that may once have been displayed there)

I have working ANT+ on my backup phone, but it's buggy and keeps erroring on my primary phone - it says it works but it doesn't stay connected to the sensors. Both Moto Potter, both running exactly the same ROM image. Could be

  • something "left over" on one or both when I flashed them
  • slightly different hardware (XT1865 vs XT1864)
  • different baseband version (primary phone is newer)
  • actual hardware problem
  • something else?

I can't make the backup phone my primary because the camera lens is cracked and the battery is going downhill, guess I have no choice but to debug it

"While lead-free solder performs excellently, there are areas where lead solder performs better compared to lead-free solder. First, lead solder is relatively easy to handle. Even if a toddler ingests or eats it, the body absorbs it as toxic. "

Going to give the benefit of the doubt and assume that this did make sense in whatever language it was translated into English from

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Ask me again in a couple of hours, but I think I am building an Android image with ANT library support builtin

(This is - for me - worth doing, because the libraries in question are not on F-Droid and it otherwise requires tedious mucking around on maybe-dodgy sites like ApkPure. Although it now occurs to me that making an F-Droid App Repo would have been an even better idea)

First outdoor bike ride in a week (the weather in UK has improved dramatically), dogfooding my new bike computer app. Lessons learned

  • text size is fine but contrast is pants
  • would be good if it kept the screen on
  • similarly, needed to force portrait orientation

I have addressed the latter two, but will have to wait until tomorrow to see if green on black is more visible in sunlight than the dark grey on white I previously had:

Pretty it is not

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