I got a DHT22 to replace the DHT11 in my temperature logging thing. It doesn't like me putting the ESP into deep sleep mode: the workaround is to power it from a GPIO so that I can turn it off before entering sleep and turn it back on when I need it. But - when running off 3xAA NiMH, I only get 2.8v from the GPIO pin which is not enough to run the sensor in the first place. Sigh.

Also, don't use GPIO2 on a "Witty Cloud" ESP12F board, it's the tiny blue LED. The DHT11 didn't mind sharing but the DHT22 just won't work when wired to it

While upgrading to #Firefox 72 I accidentally reverted from #wayland native firefox to X11 firefox, which means that (because I have a hidpi screen and non-integer scaling) all my fonts are fuzzy. Just switched back and found that I now have kinetic/inertial scrolling too.

Which would be nice, except it takes way too long to slow down after I take my fingers off the touchpad, and the zillion and one things I can tune in about:config don't appear to include #kinetic scrolling friction

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Measuring the supply voltage of an ESP8266 should be a simple matter of calling ADC_MODE(ADC_VCC); then ESP.getVcc(). Would be too, if this board had left the ADC pin to float instead of connecting it to an LDR and a pullup resistor. "Wait, why is the voltage different now I've moved it across the table?" "Ah, the overhead light isn't shining on it any more". Doh!

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I am somewhere between pleasantly shocked and mildly alarmed that the arduino sketch I wrote for the seeed wio link (which is now tracking the temperature in my study) appears to have compiled and uploaded - at least to the extent that it gets serial output - on this "Witty Cloud" esp12f module http://adityatannu.com/blog/post/2016/01/31/ESP8266-Witty-Cloud-Board-Demo.html

It doesn't seem to have come back properly from deep sleep, though. Maybe it doesn't have the RST pin wired the same way

Need to choose Lithium battery chemistry vs NiMH for an esp8266 project - I don't need the weight advantage and I quite like not having the battery burst into flame while charging it, but wondering if there's any significant environmental considerations to take into account. I know lithium mining's not pretty

I self-host my personal email. I increasingly wonder why, though, I get about one email every three days that isn't spam or marketing. Outside of work (separate account, separate computers) Fediverse/Forums/Whatsapp/Facebook/Twitter have between them supplanted email for almost all of my digital communications.

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‪MNT Reform will be a test case for DIN SPEC 3015 (new open hardware standard) and we will work with Fairtronics to determine component fairness. Also looking into the Grüne Punkt as recycling program for the packaging‬

I had planned to spend 20 minutes this morning looking over my first attempt at writing a haskell program to implement the programming assessment task we use for interviewing candidates at $WORK

(Can tell you now, (a) I probably wouldn't have a job here if I'd attempted the task using Haskell, (b) not only did it take a very long time, it's not very Haskelly code either)

That was at 09:30 and I haven't actually started yet. When I got my laptop out of my locker I realised it's still on nixos 19.03 and I need to upgrade firefox before anything bad happens

Not done a whole lot of nixwrt implementation lately, but the next thing I want to do is make it talk to an actual ISP (PPPoE) and I can't exactly test that without unplugging the real router, which will make many (well, maybe about 4) people quite unhappy.

Or maybe I can, if I set up a stub ISP. Welcome to Nixwrt OnLine: https://github.com/telent/nixwrt/blob/master/nol.nix


Build images for embedded MIPS SoCs using NixPkgs (experimental) - telent/nixwrt


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