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I may have hit on a really good (and much simpler) reason that I can't build a gl-mt300n image that runs on this hardware. This hardware is not a gl-mt300n, it's a gl-mt300a.

There's probably some kind of life lesson here about remote development. Or about validating assumptions, or maybe just about not being an idiot

Linux version 5.4.64 (nixbld@nixwrt.builder) (gcc version 9.3.0 (GCC)) <a href="https://terse.telent.net/tags/1" class="mention hashtag" rel="tag">#<span>1</span></a> Tue Sep 15 13:33:49 UTC 2020

Pausing here for a brief "woohoo!"

It doesn't mount the root fs yet, maybe (it suddenly occurs to me literally as I write this toot) because I forgot to build the phram target. And then the next big task is to build wireless modules from linux-backports. And maybe, y'know, actually commit some stuff to git?

#nixwrt #mips #nixpkgs #WhoSaysSentencesCantStartWithConjunctions

Was not expecting that use of the linux backports project would involve building an OCaml app, but hey, apparently it does

Typical of the Linux kernel that the ability to build a stable kernel with newer drivers is contingent on using a version of coccinelle newer than the newest stable release

(Though, the backports project does itself appear to be some kind of magic, so honestly I'm not really criticising, just grousing)

TFW you spend an evening fighting acme/file permissions to add an SSL cert to your XMPP server, then realise afterwards you don't know anyone with an XMPP account anyway

(The time is not wasted, in that I want XMPP so my server can alert me when bad things[*] happen to it, I'm just thinking that it could be nontrivial to test that it works )

[*] the particular set of bad things I have in mind necessarily excludes "help, I lost network connectivity to the xmpp server", yes

Turns out that # is not the best keybinding for "report as spam" in notmuch-search mode, because it's bound to "Print message" in notmuch-show mode. Well, that explains why my emails are coming out of the printer at random times.

The weirdest thing is I can't even remember spending the four and a half hours I believed it would take to make this flakey wifi printer work on a Linux box in the first place, so was exceedingly surprised to have anything coming out of the printer at random or indeed any times

#Firefox, FFS! Would it kill you to have a reliable and simple configuration mechanism that works with version-controllable text files of some kind

Latest news: firefox 67 removed the thing in profiles.ini that tells you the default profile, and there is no simple reliable way I know of that, given a particular firefox executable, you can tell which profile it will use

I have coupled my personal nix configuration (packages, overlays) to my nixos machine-level config by setting users.users.dan.packages appropriately, and I am not yet altogether certain I like it.

Upside: now I can run sudo nix-channel --update && sudo nixos-rebuild switch on any of my machines and it takes care of all my personal preferences.

Downside: seems a bit unwieldy doing the whole git commit/push/rebuild just to add a package to my profile. But I guess nix-env -i still works exactly as it ever did

not going to make this whole thing about complaining, so I would like to say that I did eventually get cgit working, which means that I have a way of downloading tarballs of my self-hosted git repos using http, which means I can create my own nix channel containing all my machine configs, which means that /etc/nixos/configuration.nix on each machine can now converge on looking something like

{ imports = [ ./hardware-configuration.nix (import <telent-nixos-config>).hosts.noetbook ]; }

This channel is for my personal-but-not-really-private stuff that I wouldn't mind horribly if someone finds it (so, no passwords) but also wouldn't be a whole lot of use to anyone else either (my ip addresses and a description of which services run on which machines). Going to add a second channel for overlays and packages that other people might legitimately benefit from access to, once I've have a think about where to host that.