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I just added 314k of lua interpreter to my nixwrt router image as a preventative against having to deal with debugging my own shell scripts

Hopefully I can get the size down a bit (I think I read that it's possible to disable floating point), but even at the current cost I think it's a tradeoff I'm prepared to make

tired: reconfiguring your qemu vm running on a NATted host, and the host, to use tap networking and bridging so that you can run an L2TP tunnel from a nixwrt device attached to that VM to a tunnel endpoint on the internet

wired: [root@nol:~]# socat -v udp-listen:1701 udp-connect:my.l2tp.tunnel.host.com:1701

Wondering whether/how I can do something in a linux vm that forwards pppoe packets on eth1 to an l2tp server on the internet. Assume it should be either trivial or entirely misconceived

(Context: I want to test #nixwrt pppoe support and don't have a spare dsl/broadband line to plug it into)

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I am extremely happy that after far too long fighting build systems, I have managed to make #nixwrt compile the 80211 subsystem and ralink wifi drivers from linux 5.8.something via the linux-backports project, and the resulting modules do actually load into the 5.4.64 kernel on the target device

I resorted to turning config options on and off randomly at a few points - there is plenty of cleanup yet to do before this can be merged into main


Upgrade to kernel v5.4 by telent · Pull Request #12 · telent/nixwrt

WIP: I am rearranging the kernel significantly. The plan is split...


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Dear fediverse

My next-door neighbour has erected a flagpole with a St George's flag on it, while engaged in a long rant about "lefties" and "communist fascists" and "they can't tell me what to do".

We're about as white middle class English as it's possible to get, so not threatened. Just disappointed, I guess.

Wasted many (well, small single digit number, but still too many) hours trying to figure out why my derivation worked perfectly in nix-shell but failed to find python in nix-build. Turns out it's not failing to find python, it's failing to find /usr/bin/env.

Something something assumptions something something

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