"Use MQTT", they said. "It's low overhead, simple and you can send anything you like".

Yeah, until you want anything else at all to receive it, in which case if you decided that instead of JSON-encoding all the values in your payload (yes, let's put the burden on the battery-powered low-cpu embedded iot device using an mqtt library with a 256 byte payload size limit) you'd send a binary encoding, you're basically SOL

#issuecomment-292688972" rel="nofollow">https://github.com/home-assistant/core/pull/6976#issuecomment-292688972

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Woke up to a tonne of mailer-daemon messages which seem to be double bounced spam because the bounce messages due to my disk filling up weren't accepted by the sending site

I refuse to (1) use google for mail (or much of anything else), or (2) pay for a mail service (when I so rarely receive any mail I wanted to read anyway), but I am still from time to time wondering why I bother to run my own anyway.

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I have a voucher for a free vehicle MOT at a Halfords auto centre to be redeemed before the end of May. It’s of no use to myself or anyone else that I know and it would be a shame to waste it.

The first person to send me a DIRECT/PRIVATE reply will get the voucher and I’ll update this thread publicly to confirm it’s been taken.


Hello? Yes, I'd like to complain that people are complaining the BBC are making it easy to complain about their programming decisions

In a sign that the corporation is doomed to be criticised by all sides, the rightwing Defund the BBC campaign described it as “disgraceful” that the corporation was making it easier to complain about its coverage


BBC flooded with complaints over coverage of Prince Philip’s death

Corporation opened dedicated complaints form on its website to deal with...

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