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Starting the new year with remote work, the VPN 2FA wasn't working (it was working 7 months ago), I had to place a support call with the IT contractor. I had to deal with 2 separate techs over 90 minutes to get the issue fixed... πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

But this gave me the opportunity to set up a 2FA app on my #Pinephone! The tech wasn't familiar with it of course. When I told him I had a Linux phone, he probably wondered to himself "who the heck is this freak?" 😁

We weren't able to set it up at first... 1/2


It's a good idea, but probably not a sufficient one. There are only two browser engines capable of rendering modern-day web: one of them is the 800lb gorilla and the other keeps making daft unforced errors like spyware and cryptocurrency. How about \sub(web) - define (and agree on) subsets of {html, css, javascript} that would make it feasible for other parties to build compatible content viewers in finite time?

Did not expect this morning to be writing a program this evening that grovels DWARF information, but hey, here we are.

(Trying to automate the tedious bits of wrapping bits of the apache nimble library, for Lua, for Pinetime, by digging structs and offsets from the code. Can't just write and run a program that prints them out, because cross-compiling)

Every time I think I know how to approach a DIY task, the internet throws me a curve ball

When installing your Twin Slot Shelving, you will need to hammer some screws. The Stanley Blue Strike Hammer is the ideal companion for nailing in some screws.

My first reaction is "wft? I'd use a screwdriver" - is this some advanced construction technique or an SEO copywriting bot with brain disengaged?


Stanley Blue Strike Shelving Hammer 16oz

When installing your Twin Slot Shelving, you will need to hammer some...

Spent a very long time debugging a segmentation fault in my BLE code, which turns out to be because I shouldn't be calling ble_gatts_start(), which I was only doing because I copy-pasted it from infinitime without understanding it.

The moral might be "don't copy-paste code from infinitime without understanding it", but realistically how the hell would I ever get anything at all done without copy-pasting code I don't understand?

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Ran my pinetime battery down so completely that it wouldn't charge from its USB cradle (hypothesis: not enough juice supplied to power watch and charge battery simultaneously), but eventually managed to fix it by applying power from a 5v wall wart directly to the pads on the back until it had finished the power on sequence and turned off the screen again

I was -> <- that close to buying a new one.

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Usenet 25th December 2006

On usenet, just another normal day.
In quiet corners disputes wend their way
Restrainedly on bondage, loud on dice,
Quixotically on healthcare, droll on ice,
Quite passionately on the way to write
And fast and free on books, all day, all night.
No tinselled turkeys here, no slick false glitz,
Goodwill extends all year, except to twits,
And nobody is here because they must.
The level of debate implies a trust
That words get thoughts across, that talk is good
And β€œhere” exists, (no reason why it should).
When Christmas cheer and smiles are wearing thin
One more unwanted present hits the bin
I think of those I care for, far away
On usenet, just another normal day.

Jo Walton