I have working ANT+ on my backup phone, but it's buggy and keeps erroring on my primary phone - it says it works but it doesn't stay connected to the sensors. Both Moto Potter, both running exactly the same ROM image. Could be

  • something "left over" on one or both when I flashed them
  • slightly different hardware (XT1865 vs XT1864)
  • different baseband version (primary phone is newer)
  • actual hardware problem
  • something else?

I can't make the backup phone my primary because the camera lens is cracked and the battery is going downhill, guess I have no choice but to debug it

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Given that the old handset has a nougat-era baseband and the new one a oreo baseband, and that the ROM I built for it is complaining it can't talk to the fingerprint scanner or the NFC, my hypothesis is that LineageOS 15.1 on this device was designed for Nougat (predates "Project Treble") and somehow this also means that ANT doesn't work. Am trying a LOS 16.0 build now

What a mess

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After careful consideration and entirely too long trying to make sense of the xda-developers forum, I have decided to downgrade the firmware on the newer phone and see what difference that makes

For a supposedly open-source system, android hacking inevitably seems to involve installing way more random binaries from dodgy-looking file sharing sites than I am frankly altogether happy about

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And while I'm ranting about android, whatever happened to "Project Treble"? Clearly it has not been the success that it was expected to be, or there would be a clear upgrade path from Oreo to Red Velvet (or Rusty Spoon, or whatever it's called) for my device.

Came very close to ragequitting and kicking off a mobile nixos build, but when I woke up I was out of disk space

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My understanding may be off.... my observation is that >=8.1 ROMs on XDA generally specify whether they work with Nougat firmware or Oreo firmware, and if you have the wrong firmware for the ROM - or vice versa - then some stuff won't work (like the fingerprint button). My assumption is that the 8.1 stock firmware was treble-based, but tbh that's nothing more than an assumption.

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