Tomorrow I will find out for real if it works, but I seem - at leat, after only ~ 20 years - to have added Markdown support to my blog. I was getting a bit fed up of writing backticks and publishing entries before remembering that Textile uses @ signs for that instead

Shoutout to for markdown-clj which did all the hard work already

(I have mixed feelings about Clojure lately, but I must admit I'm quite happy that I can pick up a ~ 6 year old project, update the dependency versions and hack this in, all in the space of a couple of hours. I have trouble imagining that the same would be true in Ruy)

add support for markdown · telent/yablog@7a43ede

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@dan glad to hear markdown-clj cam in handy, and I've been extremely impressed with the general stability of Clojure and libraries around it as well.

I think it's a combination of the language being fairly focused, and most libraries having data driven APIs. When all the library does is accept a data structure, transform it in some way, and give a new data structure back then it's easy to get it to a state where it just works.