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@dan very interested to learn more!

any idea how does it compare to termux?

extra challenge: and to volla x?

i really wished to have a #rugged small (10cm) mobile phone!!

fully gnu able, so #agpl focused and zero google, and...

with at least 128gb storage, in which i could run:

+ fediverse (i will probably move to pleroma soon)

+ some voip such as jitsi (but today i can't think of anything better than telegram, sadly)

+ lbry (and my worst app request, tiktok, though if it runs smoothly on web and i can post videos there, that's good enough)

+ some games (i always hope i won't need them, but perhaps even a functional sudoku will be enough)

+ email and phone, obviously (amazing enough, volla x with ubuntu touch isn't very reliable for those basics)

yes, just a #wetgeekdream

i know that most likely nothing even close to this exists today (specially the 10cm screen)...

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