@vaillancourtmax@mstdn.io this is a pretty random question, but I searched for "zwift x230" and what did I find but your page at https://maximevaillancourt.com/blog/why-i-use-a-thinkpad-x220-in-2019 ...

I have a ssd and 16GB in my x230 (which, like you, I very much prefer to the 2018 Mac my employer assigns me), do you think zwift is going to work acceptably well?

(Double points if it'll work in Linux - wine? qemu?)

Why I still use a ThinkPad X220 in 2019

Extensibility, compatibility, and reliability.

Maxime Vaillancourt
in reply to Daniel Barlow

@dan Hey Daniel! I use Zwift on Windows on my X220, and it works pretty well. Granted, the framerate is not great (probably ~15FPS when there's a lot of cyclists around), but it's more than enough to make me happy. I mostly look at the screen to check for power output (watts) and my position around friends with whom I ride, so I don't really notice the "far from 60fps" framerate. Not sure about Linux though, never tried it, but this seems promising: https://zwiftinsider.com/zwift-on-linux/

Ride on! :)

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