TIL there are three kinds of target for violent acts: people, property, and police

Essex chief constable, Ben-Julian Harrington issued a tough declaration: “We will not tolerate violence in our communities, whether that’s against people, whether it’s against property or, indeed, against police officers"

Weird phrasing. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jun/11/blm-organisers-call-off-london-event-to-prevent-clashes-with-far-right

BLM organisers call off London event to avoid clashes with far right

Black Lives Matters activists say hate groups plan to target protests and...

the Guardian
self reply

With all due to respect to the nice policeman, I think I'll stick with my previous understanding: (1) police officers are also people; (2) violence as per the WHO is an act against people and communities of people, not against inanimate objects.

(Yes, you could use the word to describe property destruction, but if you value people higher than property why would you dilute it like that?)