• The LZMA decompression code in u-boot doesn't understand the LZMA compression performed by xz, so to get #nixwrt to generate images that work I have to build the "legacy" lzma (from 2008). Upgrading nixpkgs caused its buiild to fail with "RPATH ... contains a forbidden reference to /build"

  • so I worked around that by configureFlags = [ "--enable-static" "--disable-shared"]

  • now it is building gcc again. Guess I must have changed something else fundamental ...


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A messy confluence of patches on patches has led it to the point that the code introduced to support CONFIG_MIPS_APPENDED_RAW_DTB has been overridden by some code to support adding a DTB using the OWRTDTB hack. How can we fix this? Add another patch, of course ...


This is progress! Now we have reached

[ 2.137998] Kernel panic - not syncing: Requested init /bin/init failed (error -8).

make ralink look at fw_passed_dtb if provided ยท telent/nixwrt@07a3af4

This makes it work with CONFIG_MIPS_RAW_APPENDED_DTB (which we switched to...