First outdoor bike ride in a week (the weather in UK has improved dramatically), dogfooding my new bike computer app. Lessons learned

  • text size is fine but contrast is pants
  • would be good if it kept the screen on
  • similarly, needed to force portrait orientation

I have addressed the latter two, but will have to wait until tomorrow to see if green on black is more visible in sunlight than the dark grey on white I previously had:

Pretty it is not

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In other news, a bit disheartened that although I'm releasing this under (checks) MIT License, it won't qualify for the F-Droid repo because it - necessarily - uses proprietary ANT libraries

I'm unlikely to put it in the Play Store given that I don't even use that, so have to figure out some other way to get it into people's hands - once it's a bit more functional


Simple bike computer Android app. Contribute to telent/biscuit development...

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and out again today to test it, new colours seem to be better but the sun wasn't shining so who knows really. I added buttons to stop the service (otherwise it carries on recording your gps indefinitely) and to refresh the connection to ANT sensors, which will both be useful

Next up, drawing the track on the map