"Use MQTT", they said. "It's low overhead, simple and you can send anything you like".

Yeah, until you want anything else at all to receive it, in which case if you decided that instead of JSON-encoding all the values in your payload (yes, let's put the burden on the battery-powered low-cpu embedded iot device using an mqtt library with a 256 byte payload size limit) you'd send a binary encoding, you're basically SOL

#issuecomment-292688972" rel="nofollow">https://github.com/home-assistant/core/pull/6976#issuecomment-292688972

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After a little thought, I decided that being able to change the overall brightness would be sufficient for home assistant, at least for now


This change took much less time than configuring the Home Assistant <-> Google Assistant integration so the family can voice-control it with Google spies-on-your-Home. Though that was partly because my phone doesn't have google spyware so I had to reflash an old phone with stock android before I could even start

add a ../brightness mqtt topic for easier on/off control ยท telent/dolores@ef825d5

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