Woke up to a tonne of mailer-daemon messages which seem to be double bounced spam because the bounce messages due to my disk filling up weren't accepted by the sending site

I refuse to (1) use google for mail (or much of anything else), or (2) pay for a mail service (when I so rarely receive any mail I wanted to read anyway), but I am still from time to time wondering why I bother to run my own anyway.

self reply
self reply
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@dan I self-host my email and feel the same way. I sort of used gmail as a client for a few years but never gave up my self-hosting, and went back to using it directly after gmail wouldn't let me sort the way I wanted.

My theory is that for a certain kind of geek (that kind may be "middle aged"), it just feels *good* to be really participating on the Internet in a deep and fundamental way. We have so few avenues for that kind of expression now.

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