Think I now have working support for primary selection (a.k.a middle-button click to paste) in labwc and am approaching the point where it doesn't have any really horrible gaps in as a works-for-me GNOME replacement.

A screen lock would be a good next thing to add before I next take my laptop out of the house

workaround Gtk primary selection bug by changing order of globals by telent · Pull Request #49 · johanmalm/labwc

This makes primary selections work at least with wayland-native Emacs (using...

self reply

I should define "works for me": - I can launch terminals - I can run commands by typing a prefix of their names - it's readable on a HiDPI screen - windows overlap (I tried tiling WMs, they don't work well with my brain type) - I can cut and paste in the traditional unix style between emacs and the terminal - it doesn't decide randomly to reconfigure my network, or to shut the computer down after 20 minutes idle (I was using it! gnome developers never heard of ssh?)

TBH that's about it so far. I'd believe I had low expectations, but the combination of points 3 and 6 seems to be quite rare