I am extremely happy that after far too long fighting build systems, I have managed to make #nixwrt compile the 80211 subsystem and ralink wifi drivers from linux 5.8.something via the linux-backports project, and the resulting modules do actually load into the 5.4.64 kernel on the target device

I resorted to turning config options on and off randomly at a few points - there is plenty of cleanup yet to do before this can be merged into main


Upgrade to kernel v5.4 by telent · Pull Request #12 · telent/nixwrt

WIP: I am rearranging the kernel significantly. The plan is split...

self reply
self reply

[ 5] 0.00-10.00 sec 114 MBytes 95.5 Mbits/sec 0 sender

For a 100Mbit ethernet port, I'm pretty happy with that

[ 5] 0.00-10.18 sec 10.1 MBytes 8.31 Mbits/sec receiver

OTOH on the other hand, for 2.4GHz wifi, that's less than exceptional. Can get it to 16 MB/s by standing next to the access point, but I can't help feeling further improvement should be possible