I am extremely happy that after far too long fighting build systems, I have managed to make #nixwrt compile the 80211 subsystem and ralink wifi drivers from linux 5.8.something via the linux-backports project, and the resulting modules do actually load into the 5.4.64 kernel on the target device

I resorted to turning config options on and off randomly at a few points - there is plenty of cleanup yet to do before this can be merged into main


Upgrade to kernel v5.4 by telent · Pull Request #12 · telent/nixwrt

WIP: I am rearranging the kernel significantly. The plan is split...


Linux version 5.4.64 (nixbld@nixwrt.builder) (gcc version 9.3.0 (GCC)) <a href="https://terse.telent.net/tags/1" class="mention hashtag" rel="tag">#<span>1</span></a> Tue Sep 15 13:33:49 UTC 2020

Pausing here for a brief "woohoo!"

It doesn't mount the root fs yet, maybe (it suddenly occurs to me literally as I write this toot) because I forgot to build the phram target. And then the next big task is to build wireless modules from linux-backports. And maybe, y'know, actually commit some stuff to git?

#nixwrt #mips #nixpkgs #WhoSaysSentencesCantStartWithConjunctions

TFW when you set out to benchmark something you've previously observed is inexplicably slow, and ... it's no slower than the other thing you're comparing it against

#nixwrt wireless performance on this gl-mt300a (MediaTek MT7620A SoC) is about ~ 14Mb/s according to iperf3, which is probably slower than I should expect but is on par with the 2.4GHz network on the gl-ar750 downstairs running the vendor's OpenWRT

  • The LZMA decompression code in u-boot doesn't understand the LZMA compression performed by xz, so to get #nixwrt to generate images that work I have to build the "legacy" lzma (from 2008). Upgrading nixpkgs caused its buiild to fail with "RPATH ... contains a forbidden reference to /build"

  • so I worked around that by configureFlags = [ "--enable-static" "--disable-shared"]

  • now it is building gcc again. Guess I must have changed something else fundamental ...


I'm not saying it works, because it doesn't, but my ath10k wireless at least appears now to exist in #nixwrt. This is progress and it makes me happy





carrier phy80211 phys_switch_id carrier_up_count uevent name_assign_type queues gro_flush_timeout address carrier_changes dev_port device ifindex tx_queue_len duplex statistics wireless type power flags dev_id addr_assign_type phys_port_id addr_len carrier_down_count speed link_mode netdev_group phys_port_name broadcast subsystem iflink operstate dormant ifalias proto_down mtu ```