I have an observation about #wayland that may or may not have merit, which is this: changing the running compositor is hard. If you make a mistake and cause the thing to fall over you lose your session. You could run a second compositor displaying to an embedded window, or something, but that's a faff (doubly so if you have a DE that doesn't allow >1 login at once) when you want to debug something with all the windows you regularly use.

The thought which is floating around in my head is: how about a multiprocess compositor? The clients connect to a compositor which renders them in some place or other according to its scene graph, then you have one or more scene graph controllers which receive messages from input devices and send updates to the scene graph. If a controller crashes, the scene graph is intact and the clients are still connected to it - you just have to start another controller and carry on.

While upgrading to #Firefox 72 I accidentally reverted from #wayland native firefox to X11 firefox, which means that (because I have a hidpi screen and non-integer scaling) all my fonts are fuzzy. Just switched back and found that I now have kinetic/inertial scrolling too.

Which would be nice, except it takes way too long to slow down after I take my fingers off the touchpad, and the zillion and one things I can tune in about:config don't appear to include #kinetic scrolling friction